Promoting Educational
Equity, Access, and Opportunity
for Underrepresented Students since 2000.


Oregon TRIO Association

Oregon TRIO Association’s mission:

Growing and supporting Oregon TRIO programs, staff, and students.

Who is OTA?

Oregon TRIO Association (OTA) connects federal TRIO programs to communities in need and supports all TRIO programs statewide.  OTA achieves its mission by securing federal TRIO grants for Oregon’s educational institutions and non-profit organizations. There are fifty-four grants operating throughout the state.  Our organization provides program management support, educational resources, and select opportunities for students to help them attain their educational goals.  


TRIO recruits traditionally marginalized students with immense potential to receive personalized academic support, technological support, college advising, financial literacy, and mental health services from trained TRIO professionals.  These services occur statewide in rural, suburban, and urban communities.  Our traditionally marginalized students include low-income, first-generation,  disabled, and other underrepresented students.  71.94% of our students are both low-income and first-generation. 

Program Perks

Professional Development Conference

Grant writing workshops and funding

1:1 program, social media and website support

TRIO Students

Last-Mile scholarships

Dirks TRIO Achiever Awards

Annual Student Leadership Conference


OTA makes it a priority to advocate for TRIO programs, assist with new and existing challenges, and keep members informed about new opportunities.


By assisting in applications for numerous new TRIO grants throughout Oregon, OTA is consistently increasing its capacity to serve students.


Oregon TRIO programs continue to serve over 11,000 students per year in 54 projects across Oregon's six districts.

Value for Money

The current annual membership fee for project members is $300.

Stakeholder Information

Interested in learning more about our non-profit organization?  Visit our Guidestar profile for a fully transparent picture of our organization.


Council for Opportunity in Education


Northwest Association of Educational Opportunity Programs

New to trio?

  • TRIO programs assist students with career exploration, college admissions, college preparation, financial aid, scholarships, and college retention and graduation. 
  • Educational Talent Search
  • Upward Bound
  • Upward Bound Math-Science
  • Veterans Upward Bound
  • Educational Opportunity Centers
  • Student Support Services
  • The Ronald McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program
  • TRIO Training Grants
  • Provide TRIO students with the resources and tools necessary to successfully navigate through high school and college.


  • Support Oregon TRIO programs by encouraging best practices and providing student events, professional development opportunities, and grant support to maximize the effectiveness of each program.


  • Work to identify potential new areas of need and pursue federal TRIO funding to support more students in need of TRIO program services.


  • Build coalitions of allied community partners, and utilize local and statewide resources that enhance program operations.
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