College Study Abroad
Scholarship Application

The Oregon TRIO Association’s College Study Abroad Scholarship is designed to provide financial assistance to students pursuing a study abroad program.  OTA will provide $1500 scholarships directly to students who have been approved for a study abroad program through their institution or a third party like CIEE.

Who Can Apply

  • Any Oregon TRIO Student who has completed the process of enrolling a study abroad program.
  • Students must complete a checklist with their TRIO advisor to verify their standing in the TRIO program and the status of their study abroad program.
  • Awards are granted quarterly with the following due dates:
    • January 31
    • April 30
    • July 31
    • October 31
  • Awards are selected through a random drawing of qualifying students. 
Complete the TRIO Checklist demonstrating support from your TRIO program. The document can be found here:
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