National Policy Seminar

COE Policy Seminar 2021

TRIO United for a New Era—COE’s 40th Annual Policy Seminar affords the TRIO community the opportunity to virtually help educate Members of Congress, congressional staff, and others about the history and the success of federal college access and success programs. These online events give participants a chance to represent the interests of low-income and first-generation students and veterans, adult learners, and students with disabilities in the policy arena.

The 2021 Policy Seminar will be held virtually on March 22-24, 2021.  Information about the conference and registration can be found here: policy_seminar-2021_Brochure

TRIO Alumni Looking to Attend Policy Seminar?

Due to the reduced cost of attending the Policy Seminar in 2021, the Oregon TRIO Association is inviting any Oregon TRIO Alumni who are interested in attending the virtual conference to attend this year.  The deadline to apply for free registration to this year’s conference is February 28th, 2021.  OTA will make efforts to cover costs for as many Alumni as we can afford, apply early to ensure that you are considered for this amazing opportunity!

2021 Alumni Policy Seminar Application

Complete the following details to be considered for free entry into the 2021 COE Policy Seminar and the TRIO Alumni Leadership Forum. The dates of the events are 3/20 for the Leadership Forum and 3/23-3/24 for COE's Policy Seminar. Information about these events can be found here: