National Policy Seminar

COE Policy Seminar 2019

gives TRIO alumni the chance to speak to Members of Congress about their TRIO experience, to further develop and utilize their leadership skills and to advocate for the importance of funding and supporting TRIO Programs.

The 2019 Policy Seminar will be held March 24th – 27th 2019 at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.   Schedule of events for Policy

Oregon TRIO Association in conjunction with NAEOP (the regional association for TRIO programs) will sponsor one TRIIO alum to attend Policy Seminar.  Qulified alumni will have already graduated from the university with at least a Bachelor’s Degree and have been working in the field for at least 2 years.  We cover roundtrip airfare, hotel, and per diem meal expenses for the alumni.  To find out about eligibility and the application process click to Learn more.

If you alreaady know you want to apply to attend Policy you can select the Application link and complete the application.  Note: This link will take you to the NAEOP website which houses the Alumni Policy Seminar Application.