FAFSA Support 2024
Grant Opportunity

Submit your idea for innovative FAFSA workshops!

Please complete the attached form for funding requests between $250 – $1,000 

Awards will be granted in the order they are submitted

Oregon TRIO Association Grant Program Overview

The Oregon TRIO Association is excited to announce the receipt of a $25,000 grant from ECMC to support FAFSA completion initiatives in Oregon TRIO programs. These funds aim to assist TRIO professionals by providing stipends for conducting non-traditional FAFSA workshops. Additionally, funds are available to cover the cost of food and refreshments at each event.


Purpose of the Funds

Stipends for TRIO Staff: To compensate TRIO professionals who facilitate the FAFSA workshops.

Food and Refreshments: To enhance the workshop experience and encourage attendance.


Eligibility and Application Process

Funds will be distributed to OTA members who organize FAFSA workshops within their communities to boost FAFSA completion rates for 2024. Funding requests will be fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis.


Instructions for Requesting FAFSA Support Funds

1. Submit the Funding Request Form: Complete the form below for each workshop you plan to hold. Multiple requests are allowed.

2. Funding Amounts: Requests can range from $250 to $1000.

   – Stipends: $200 per TRIO staff member facilitating the event (up to 4 staff members per workshop).

   – Food/Refreshments: Up to 20% of the total request can be allocated for food and beverages.


Distribution of Funds

Stipends: Paid directly from OTA to the TRIO staff members.

Food and Beverage Expenses: Reimbursed to the staff member who made the purchase.


Reporting Requirements

After each workshop, the following information must be reported:

Staff Details: Names and mailing addresses of the staff members who worked at the event for stipend payments.

Receipts: Detailed receipts for any food or beverages purchased.

Workshop Participation:

  – Total number of attendees (including family members).

  – Number of FAFSAs completed during the workshop.

Please use the provided Spreadsheet Template to report on each workshop. Completed reports should be sent to Matt at executivedirector@oregontrio.org

By following these guidelines, we can ensure that the grant funds are utilized effectively to increase FAFSA completion rates across Oregon. I appreciate your dedication to supporting students through the TRIO programs!

$200 stipend for each staff member facilitating the workshop and up to 20% of the total grant request for food and beverages at the event. Max requests are $1000 for four individuals and $200 for food and drink. Multiple requests can be submitted by a TRIO program if providing workshops at different locations or for other populations.
Once submitted, Matt will notify you that your FAFSA Workshop Grant Request has been approved. Questions, please get in touch with him directly at executivedirector@oregontrio.org
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