OTA Last Mile Award

Oregon TRIO Last Mile award

The Oregon TRIO Association’s Last Mile Award is designed to provide financial assistance to post-secondary students who are at risk of having to drop out in their last year before graduation.  Amounts awarded will be at the discretion of the Oregon TRIO Association and will be based on the circumstances and needs of the applicant.  Awards amount can be as high as your unmet need.

Who Can Apply

  • OTA is considering all post-secondary students, regardless of GPA, for this opportunity who are currently enrolled in a TRIO program.
  • Students must be within 45 credits of completing their degree.


  • Demonstrate financial need or the exhaustion of federal financial aid.
    • The student will need to submit the current status of Pell Grant & Student Loan eligibility.  Instructions to view this information can be found here: Financial Aid Instructions
  • Submit an education plan
    • Download the Template for this document here: Last Mile Education Plan-Fillable
    • Once downloaded, complete the form, save to your computer, and submit it with your application.
  • Submit the Last Mile TRIO Checklist demonstrating support from your TRIO program.  This form will be completed by your TRIO advisor.
  • Complete three essay statements (300-700 words each)
    • What impact has TRIO made in your educational journey up to this point?
    • What are the financial challenges you are facing to complete your degree, please reference your educational plan as a reference?
    • What happened in your academic journey that has delayed your graduation?

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The deadline to receive funding for winter term 2022 is December 17th, 2021