Student Success

TRIO has deeply impacted my life, and it has become a part of my extended family.  If I have questions or just need to talk, my advisor or any advisor has always been around to help.  There have been many times I felt like giving up and quitting but then I would go talk to a TRIO advisor, and they would help me work through the issues.  Another huge impact TRIO had on my life was helping me to navigate through my degree program. I would get help choosing classes that would work best for my degree, and they would assist me in clarifying whom I needed to talk to and what I needed to get done prior to graduation.  They really understand the process and complications that come from being a nontraditional student.

 If it had not been for TRIO I would probably still be wondering around campus trying to figure out how to navigate my program.  My TRIO advisors helped me figure out an academic plan for my program that was manageable for my life.  I felt all alone at first trying to figure out what classes I needed to take and how long it would take for me to graduate.  They guided me in selecting classes, financial aid as well as getting tutoring.

If I could give advice to students still working on their education, it would be saying “Don’t give up”.   Things get really complicated and messy but talk with your advisor and tell them what is going on. You will be surprised at what these wonderful people can do to get you back on track.  I am a single mother of four with no support system, but I found that support system in the TRIO program.  They believed in me 100% and always had my back with whatever I was going through.                 Angela Thierolf – Oregon Institute of Technology SSS TRIO Program – 2017


Hi, my name is Crystal Ambrocio and my major is biochemistry. I have been in TRIO since middle school and I did it all through high school as well. Then, coming into college, I also joined TRIO-SSS. They’ve been able to help me in so many ways. Just being able to have that extra support so that I could make a smooth transition has helped me. They helped me understand what classes I need to take and how to fill out the FAFSA. My parents didn’t have that opportunity to actually even finish high school. And, they didn’t even have any kind of background information on where to start or how to start. So, TRIO helped me with the understanding of all of that stuff. It’s been life changing because I don’t think that if I didn’t have their support, I don’t think I’d be in the same position I’d be in today if I never joined TRIO-SSS because they have been able to guide me and help me in all sorts of ways. Crystal Ambrocio – Mt. Hood Community College SSS TRIO Program – 2018