Advisory Board

The purpose of the Oregon TRIO Student Advisory Board is to create a bridge between TRIO Students and the Oregon TRIO Association, in doing so creating a more diverse organization and providing a pathway for work-field success after graduation.


The Oregon TRIO Student Advisory Board will be made up of 25 members that currently receive support from Oregon TRIO programs as well as attend public community colleges or universities as full-time students. The purpose of this board is to increase student engagement, and diverse representation within the Oregon TRIO Association as well as provide members with opportunities for professional development.


The overall goal for Student Advisory Board members is to provide greater insight into issues TRIO college students face today, including the challenges faced when trying to gain access to TRIO and additional resources.


The goal of the association is to provide SAB members the opportunity to contribute and improve the association to better serve and advocate for TRIO students. This may include data collection, building student led projects, and student outreach. The association will also be providing workshops for students to gain skills that will better prepare them while in school and post-graduation.


The application, criteria, and selection process for the student representatives were designed with the intent to bring a diverse representation of TRIO students to the student advisory board.

Application Process

To remove barriers, the qualifications to apply will be minimal in order to encourage all TRIO students to apply.

Furthermore, for applicants there will be no GPA requirements to avoid any additional obstacles nor will there be a reference requirement.  

Minimum Qualifications

  • Enrolled in a TRIO program
  • Actively engaged in TRIO services

Required Documents

Provide a short summary of yourself

What motivated you to apply?

What skills and abilities do you bring that’ll benefit the board?

What do you hope to achieve as a board member?

Students will be required to fill out the general questions on the google forms but will have the option to attach and submit their responses to the application questions in the following formats:

Paper: Name, Date, 2 pages maximum, 1.5 space, Times New Roman, 12 font 

Video/Audio File: 5 minutes or less 

Note: Questions can be answered in the student’s native language

The applicant can provide a reference without restrictions as to who the reference can be. (example: can be a friend, coworker, or family member)

Below is the link for the application form.

Online Application Form

Deadline: Friday, November 17th, 2024

Meeting Schedule Overview

Once all 25 members are selected and finalized each will submit their schedules for time availability to ensure meetings and workshop days don’t create any time conflicts


All meetings and training will have an allocated time of 1-hour. There will be a total of 2 remote meet-ups every month from January-June; 1 meeting and 1 workshop. Members must be present for all meetings and training unless notified otherwise due to circumstances not in their control. 


The only mandatory in-person meetings will be the seminar and celebratory ceremony for students. (All expenses paid)


Please reach out to Sondra Gomez for any questions regarding the application process or general student advisory board,


Student Advisor Board Topics:

This year’s theme is “Igniting the Power in You.”  Workshop topics will focus on personal health & advocacy, financial literacy, time management, moving from thought to action, service & volunteering, building confidence, and leadership.

If students have questions relating to the application process they can reach out to our email

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