Core Documents


The Oregon TRIO Association recognizes the contributions to our state and nation that low-income, first-generation students, underrepresented students, and students with disabilities may make if they become well educated.


Vision: To see an Oregon with educational equity, access, and opportunity for traditionally marginalized student populations

Mission: Growing and supporting Oregon TRIO programs, staff, and students.


If you would like to read more you can find the Oregon TRIO Constitution and By-Laws here.

Strategic Plan:

OTA 2022-2025 StrategicPlan

2023 OTA Student Survey Report:

Student Survey Report – Oregon TRIO Association


The Oregon TRIO Association will fulfill the mission and vision of the organization through the following steps:

  • Advocacy:

To improve access to education for low-income, first-generation students, underrepresented students, and students with disabilities, encouraging their enrollment and retention in, and graduation from, post-secondary education. To support local, state, and federal educational initiatives that raise student achievement and opportunity.

  • Leadership and Professional Development:

To provide best practices training and mentoring for Oregon TRIO staff and programs.

  • Resource and Partnership Development:

To build coalitions of allied community partners and utilize local and statewide resources that enhance program operations.

  • Student Opportunities:

To create partnerships and provide our TRIO students with educational and professional development opportunities.



2023 Tax Documents

2023 CT-12

2023 Form990


2022 Tax Documents

2022 CT-12

2022 Form990

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